Sunday, November 29, 2009

That's Just Wrong!

You know what I'm talking watch certain players on specific teams for a number of years. You associate them with that team. There is only one team they belong on. To see them in another jersey isn't just weird. Its wrong. Here are a few such examples.

Mark Aguirre is a Piston. Not a Clipper. How did this happen?!?

Same with James Edwards!! Another Piston turned Clipper! Is the Clippers where Pistons go out to pasture? Not to mention the notation on the card that he signed with the Lakers. Even more wrong. You don't join a team 2 years after defeating them in the finals.
Thurl Bailey is a member of the Jazz. Period.
Xavier McDaniels...Sonic and Sun. If it isn't one of those 2 teams, its a mistake. Pure and simple.

There will be many more of these to come. Unfortunately, the holiday impeded my sorting progress somewhat this weekend. I did get some nice ebay and sales though. Thank you black Friday!

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean. Jeremy Roenick will always be a Blackhawk. Wayne Gretzky, always an Oiler. Mats Sundin, always a Leaf.