Monday, December 14, 2009

New idea how to use it

Thanks to a 4 year old budding photojournalist, our previous camera was broken a couple weeks ago and a new one recently purchased to replace it. The end result is not many pictures of the grand card project being taken in the last couple of weeks. That doesn't mean progress isn't being made though.

I'm currently sorting the basketball cards into team lots for (hopefully) sales on ebay. As a team collector myself (go Blazers), I'm trying to put together lots that I would like - no duplicates. So for basketball at least, I have a fair number of lots of each team without duplicates. These are mainly base and extras so I'm okay letting them go at pennies a piece. Cards I've pulled out with a book value over a buck I've sent in to

Cards are slowly selling on COMC. I've sold 49 cards so far for a total of about $40. This is no where near my initial investment in this project but I feel pretty good about it so far. I sold another $100+ on ebay a couple of weeks ago on ebay in the form of factory sealed complete sets. One was 1997 Topps which went for like $57! I couldn't find anything interesting about that set but yet it sold like hotcakes! I'm not complaining...but it certainly was a surprise.

In the meantime, I'll muddle over how to sell off the 6 complete sets of 1990 Skybox basketball I'm stuck with and try to figure out how this new camera works. After all, I've come across a card of Horace Grant in horrible shorts circa 1992 that must be shared...

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