Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Were They Thinking?!?

A lot of fashion trends have been set in the NBA. I've seen shorts get longer, shirts get baggier, retro throwbacks, alternative jerseys, and all sorts of fashion disasters. Sadly, some high paid executives thought these looks would look good on their teams. Lets take a look at some of these teams.

Who can forget the Rockets of the 90's and early 00's. Were they trying to make pinstripes out of rocket exhaust? I can see my 5 year old wearing clothes like this but grown men? Yikes.
Aaahh, the early Grizz. The Grizzlies team name on the front is garrish enough but what's with that thick trim? This uniform has early 90's written all over it.
I mean really. WTF? Ugliest. Uniform. Ever. You'll notice that for all the throwbacks the Cavs wear now, they haven't even been brave enough to revisit this look.
Speaking of my 5 year old, he could have colored this uniform.
And lastly, the entire state of Michigan must have been high on exhaust fumes to sign off on this look. First of all, their colors are blue and red. Why on earth scrap that classic look in favor of teal? And where did the horse come from? A piston is a car part. What does that horse have to do with anything?
Lest you think I dislike all uniforms, here are some I am partial to. Knicks throwbacks. Throwback or not, gotta love the stripes on the side. And there is something refreshing about just 2 colors, no trim.
See, red, white, and blue. Its hard to go wrong with that look, even if your team name bears an unfortunate simblance to happenings in their city. Love the stripes, love the lettering.
Another great look by the Wiz/Bullets. More stripes but classic. 3 colors but one great uniform.
Many would disagree with me but I've always been partial to this Sixers look. I should have included a shot of the nice red away uni's I like the colors and the straight-up look, at least moreso than the ball-hog wearing the jersey.
This card alone has all kinds of great things going for it. The classic "the City" jerseys worn by Golden State back in the day and Rick Barry's underhanded free throw. I may keep this card just for the look.