Sunday, January 24, 2010

What was that?

Sometimes when looking at cards, there's some that just stand out as "huh"? Collector's dislike of Upper Deck has been well documented across the hobby. However, Upper Deck also tends to provide us with some of some of the best card pictures, especially in the 90's editions.

Now, how does something like this happen?
And what was this guy doing? He looks more like a tourist than baseball player.
In other circumstances, this may be considered illegal.
Remember this guy from the 80's movie Mannequin? No?
Well, apparently he inspired Mr. Rijo.
I'm waiting for him to life his leg like the Karate Kid and take out a Cobra Kai.
For you youngsters, that would be a prehistoric laptop. Yes, things came that big back in the day.
Good 'ole Kirk Gibson. Again though, how does this happen?!?