Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Injury List

I'm diverging from my big sorting project and Rollie Fingers' mustache this week to share some recent additions to my personal collection. I collect Blazers. Any and all Blazers. However, these days its like a collection of the walking wounded...or in some cases the not so walking wounded.

Travis Outlaw - Currently out with a broken foot. Likely out until March.
Joel Przybilla - Knee dislocation and ruptured tendon. Nasty looking injury in Dallas. Out for rest of season.
Maurice Lucas - Assistant coach for the team. Currently in a battle with cancer.
Steve Blake - Currently in the hospital with pneumonia. Out indefinitly.
Nicolas Batum - Shoulder surgery prior to start of season. Should be back in a month or so.
LaMarcus Aldridge - Sprainged ankle. Out until next week.
Greg Oden - Broken patella. Out for a long, long time.

Rudy Fernandez - (don't adjust your screen, that's a printing plate) - Back surgery. Out for about another month.
At least Jeff Pendergraph has been playing well after coming off the injured list a couple weeks ago!

The injury situation has been crazy. Has included Coach McMillian and Owner Paul Allen. Somehow though, they've been winning. Go Blazers!

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